I don’t reallly think that there is any other way to start this blog than talking about Hans-Peter Lindstrom.
Even more than being considered like one of the guys that put back disco on tracks, Lindtsrom is in someway an example to follow. He is not concerned with club culture’s glitterish fake attitude, he is over protective with every new project and he’s developping steady long work relationship with his people.

HPL just released his first solo long play project called “Where you go I go to” on his label: Feedelity. It’s composed of 3 epic songs and, as always with the guy, it’s not fitting in any case. This fact has been geting so many journalists mad flipping, and caused loads of disagreement among them. Usually the problem of those writers is that music does not fit into words and can’t be that easily labeled, this time HPL spot the fact that there is not any normalized lenght too, no doubt he got a good promotion out of this unsolved journalistic enigma…

Lindstrom’s next projects will be an LP with Prins Thomas and one with Solale, both will be released in 2009.

Lindstrom – eeey (please check “the other side of Lindstrom”)

Freeform Five – Freeform Five – Electromagnetic (Lindstrom remix)

Phred / NEP

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