Mr Cloudbuster.


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Mathias Modica aka Munk, is the german boss of the scary mutant disco label Gomma. He is the main man responsible for some of the baddest tracks featured on La dame Noir previous posts (cf : Liste Noir #1/ Dress To Impress / Darker, Deeper,Slower,Stronger). Right here we are playlisting the brand new single from Munk last LP “Cloudbuster” , one of the latest remix and a track from Golden Bug who just get an Lp out on Gomma.

There is many things to say about “Cloudbuster”, let’s enjoy professionals who are speaking about it : “…from Future Disco to Psycho Soul…with an certain cosmopolitan chic, an bohemian aestetic and off – kilter creativity…this record is cool in all senses of the word!” i-D Magazine/ UK

“Mathias Modica has made a unique brew that fits perfectly into the future glitterball rennaissance. Driven along by classic house pianos, snappy beats and guestvocals from Asia Argento…” Dazed & Confused / UK

Like a European DFA, Mathias Modica and his crew rejuvenate modern underground dance music…..taking psychadelic disco, fruity electro funk, sassy, brilliant pop….superb.The NME/ UK

Mathias is coming to Marseille on 27th December thanx to Virgo Music, the gig will happen @ Oogie Lifestore .
On this blog, we won’t learn to release posts without playlisting Munk & Gomma, so we would recommend you to go to the party, run to the record store & buy the record.

MUNK LIVE @ Social Club / WED 3rd DECEMEBER / Paris
MATHIAS MODICA @ Oogie Lifestore / SAT 27th December /Marseille
Golden Bug @ Point Ephemere / SAT 17th January / Paris

Munk / Cloudbuster / Gomma
Golden Bug / Hot Robot / Gomma

Munk – Down In LA

Michael Fakesch – Soda (Munk Remix)

Golden Bug – Bisco

Phred / NEP


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