What Are You Looking For ?


As a dj, Did is Marseille’s best kept secret.
Blending his sets with rock, hip hop, pop, disco and dirty house, playing with a tight technique, did is mooving dancefloors, and knows at the same moment, how many cash people are spending at the bar.

As a producer, Did is operating undercover, nobody knows yet that he is doing those dope tracks smelling like acid spirit. Still a Label from Marseille called “Brown Eyed Boys Rds” had the good idee to release one of them “Shake It”.

Did is the perfect example of djs that are way more rockin’ it that so many producers behind turntables out there. We hope that his producing will take him to the next level, and that you’ll get the chance to listen to the man. Next week we will be partying with Did in our monthly “Dining Please”, and you are going to dance to the following featured beats.

DID – Shake It

DID – Get Up For Dance

Did – Wave Of Futur

Phred / Nep


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