Inviting Solale and Baris K, NON è Possibilé & Parties Fines are bringing to Marseille its best disco line up of 2008 on its very last night.

Solale is Feedelity‘s first lady, her voice has been haunting Lindstrom‘s retro-fururistic productions from the studio to the stage.
The combination of the super producer beats with his singer’s incantations is bringing a deep obsessional vibe to their music. On stage SOLALE is singing over this slow paced disco, making it sounds like voodoo.

Turkey has a long unknwon disco background, this music was huge in their late 70’s and Baris K is the heritage.  Baris K is a well known producer in the nu disco scene, he’s been coming to France twice this year. 1st was in “Hush Hush” in Marseille for a “Kulte” party and in “Paris Paris” with Dirty Soundsystem, then the 2nd one was this summer for “FMR” party. You can listen to some of Baris mixes on Tim Sweeney’s “Beats In Space” Blog.

“Parties Fines” will be starting it with a deviant pop intro and “NON è Possibilé” will share the show with the main guests.

The party is taking place in a huge 600m² open space with a great accoustic. Expect back to back and collaboration between the artists,  clear as ice vodka and galactic disco.

BLACK LIGHT / Post Tenebras Lux Wed 31st Dec 2008@ Les Grandes Tables De la Friche – 41 rue Jobin 13003 Marseille.
Door : 15€

Lindstrom & Solale – Let’s Practise

Baris K – Show You Love

!!! In addition of this Europeean Class Disco Roller-Coaster, We are proud to announce that Mathias Modica Munk Mr.Cloudbuster Gomma Big Boss will join our party!!! Please take good Notice that Munk will be performing at The After Party(3am- 12pm) in “Passe Temps” too !

One response to “Event : Black Light / LAST MINUTE GUEST : MATHIAS MODICA aka Mr.CLOUDBUSTER aka MUNK !

  1. Baris K – Show You Love is hot

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