Summer Break

Picture by Guillaume Chamahian

Ok …Ok …Of course we need to apologize once again cause of this long summer break off this blog,
sorry we’re not internet geeks but more like djs/vodka/girls/friends/Japan addicts and summer is the wrong
time to stick by computers.

Still we are going back on a regular basis to La dame Noir blog, from November the blog will get many new improvements and features, but from now on we’d like to welcome Guillaume Chamahian photographer that we’ll work with us, steady.

We want to thank & send love to our friends that allowed us to play our music in so cool parts of this planet, and share with you the tunes that rocked those dancefloors.
BIggest thanks going out to Sleepyeye Crew that allowed us to play in the meaningful-mystical-soulfullest-most incredible peace party for A-Bomb anniversary night in Hiroshima : Summer Of Love.

Here is a selection of some tracks that we spinned in those events and had massive feedback from the floor :

Social Disco Club & Maia – The Way You Move (Greg Wilson Version) / @ La Buvette D*I*S*C*O – Marseille

Round Clocks (Mooner’s Dance Mix) / @ Radio Grenouille Party – Marseille

Fox The Fox – Precious Little Diamond (Ben Liebrand Remix) / @ Purple Pussy Cat – Manchester

Atlantic Conveyor – Open Your Soul (Rubber Soul Mix) / @ Summer Of Love – Hiroshima

The Ting Tings – Great Dj (Calvin Harris Remix) / @ Trump – Tokyo

Special Thanks to : Yoshi, John & Markus, Leo & Stefano, Paul & Did, SUSU, Naoki, HI-D & his la classe family ,  Judith & Daiji drunken family, Junn “kori” Chan, Eiji, Asuka, Junkuma, Matada, Saku Chan, Toshihiro, Bobby, Shiho, Bom & Kenchan, Hiroaki, Akira, Its, Mizupi, Ya-Chan & Mami, Dai, Usshi, Achico, Miwa, Tama, Pon, Miiko, Airi, Aoi, Kiyo, Keizamaru, Tsuun & Shi,Momo, Kumi & Misaki …& LdN Bar Marseille Staff  Nina, Julie, Seb GeO & Shin Chan.

Merci, Thanks Guys, Wasureraren.

Hugo “Oji Chan” Rulado, Mista Inspecta, Relatif Yann & Phred AKA LdN/HiroshiMarseille.

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