Bosphore Disco Vs Belsunce Production.

Picture 4
Pictures by Guillaume Chamahian

This Friday 6th Nov, Baris K (SOAP SYSTEM / ISTANBUL) will be Performing @ La dame Noir this friday.

Baris K – Show You Love

Baris K Vs  Husnu Senlendirici – Oyun Havasi

Kamuran Akkor – Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz (Baris K Edit)

Nazan Soray – Hallal (Baris K Edit)

Listen/Download Baris K Beats In Space Mix

This Saturday 7th Nov, Fred Berthet AKA Dj Steef (Unsigned/Marseille) will be Performing @ La dame Noir

I’m Not In Love – 10 CC (dj Steef edit)

Black Sabbath – Planet Caravn (Dj Steef Edit)

Thanks For The Triad – The Byrds (Dj Steef Edit)

Turn Off The Version – Gary Young ’s Fuel (Dj Steef Edit)

(Keep) On Makin’ Me Hot – Busta Jones (Dj Steef Edit)


2 responses to “Bosphore Disco Vs Belsunce Production.

  1. pour les nerds une playlist + précise pour la sélection d’edits signés dj STEEF

    “i’m not in love” 10 cc (dj Steef edit)
    “thanks for the triad” The Byrds (dj Steef edit)
    “turn off the version ” Gary Young ‘s fuel (dj Steef edit)
    “(keep) on makin’ me hot” Busta Jones (dj Steef edit)

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