Ex-Voto by Dumb Magazine

Picture by Yoshi/TWSR

Based in Tokyo, Dumb Magazine is a blog (dumbwithyou.blogspot) and magazine about Art, Fashion and Urban Culture owned by photographer Yoshi, who is behind 2 other blogs: TWSR & Rhizome Society. Yoshi is use to make some reports about the french underground electronic scene when events happen in Tokyo (recently It’s A Fine Line, Krikor & La dame Noir…). Alongside with Dj Kent (Force Of Nature), Yoshi is the best Original Disco Punk from Tokyo we had the chance to play and enjoy music with, here is his playlist.

Wax The Van

Fred Wesley – House Party

Metro Area – Miura

Yazoo – Situation (H&LA Mix)

Feist My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Classic Remix)

Steve Bug – The Way Up

Kiki – No Words Necessary

J Dilla – Go Ladies

Fuckpony – A Pills Medley

Skyy – First Time Around

Selected By Yoshi.


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