Liste Noir #19/APR

Picture By Guillaume Chamahian /// Shot In Brazil.

Circlesquare – Dancers (Tarass3000 Remix)

Fortune – Gimme (Blackjoy Edit)

Catptain Comatose – Don’t Come Back (Snax Remix)

Social Disco Club – Acid Town

Simain Disco Mobile – Hot Dog (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)

Chloe – Distant

Geiger Feat. Schaeben & Voss – Hurt You Baby

Shit Robot – I Got A Feeling

Get a Room! – It Takes A Muscle

Nini Raviolette – Suis Je Normal (CrackBoy Edit)

Those Featured Artists Will Be Soon Playing @ La dame Noir [bar] :
Blackjoy (10/04), Social Disco Club (17/04), Rove Dogs From Get A Room! (30/04), Cosmo Vitelli (01/05), Krikor aka CrackBoy (07/05), Shit Robot (13/05)

Selected By Phred.

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