Liste Noir #20/MAY

Picture & Modeling by Joie Iacono

In Flagranti – Through The rabbit Hole (Clap Rules rmx)

Charlotte Gainsbourg – Time Of The Assassins (Matthew Dear Remix)

LCD soundsystem – You Wanted A Hit

Jamie Jones – Ruckus (Discoid Dub)

Daft Punk – Daftendirekt

Johnny Dynell  – Jam Hot (4O Thieves Dub)

Fratelli Riviera – Hard Rock

Jay Shepheard – Umzug

Bing Ji Ling – Home (The Phenomenal Handclap Band rmx)

Nick Chacona Feat. Kathy Diamond – The Fear

Serendipity & Assemblage By Phred

2 responses to “Liste Noir #20/MAY

  1. I stumbled upon this and i would like to be apart of it. D

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