Liste Noir #22/July

Picture & Modelling by Joie Iacono

Usually the “List Noir” is about 10 tracks selected on my own. Getting too lazy to be nerdy, I let my friends getting me to party over those 10 tunes,  just asked about “WTF was that ????” and post them here & now.

Those tracks are aimed to party & sipping on mojitos on the beach or to have a vodka shot o.d. in your neighborhood club’s backyard, they are definitely fitted to this blog and they all smell like summer sex in their own wild way…summertime.

Relatif Yann (NON è Possibilé) started our summer by sending us : Hot Toddy – Down To Love

Nico (Kulte) played it under La Buvette D*I*S*C*O sunset : Mock & Toof  – Shoeshine Boogie]

Maximinot (Numinots) skyped us : Nina Kraviz – I m’ Gonna Get You

Miniminot (Numinots) blogged : Tiger & Woods – Love In Cambogia

Anticlimax (Tcheaz) digged back from Barcelona : Soul Clap – Extravaganza

Jef K ( Siver Network) produced and invaded our Sonar : Jef K & Chez Damier – The Gathering

Paul (Virgo Music) triied to keep it hidden from us : Art Department – Without You

Did (Virgo Music) via his external hard-disc : Dixie Yure – Music In Your Phone

Tim Paris (It’s A fine Line) was drunk @ HUSH HUSH : Trulz & Robin – Gay Boys

Ivan Smagghe (It’s A fine Line) taught us this @ HUSH HUSH : Macida Yayo – Sleepless Night (Miss Fitz Remix)

Selected by them.

2 responses to “Liste Noir #22/July

  1. The 1st track is featuring singer Jennifer Rhonwen
    Awesome classic dude !

  2. Pouahhh !!!
    La palme à Paul !!!!

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