Saturday OST #2.

Graphics By Mothi Limbu.

This Saturday 11th December will be busy as WAD Magazine will be organizing their first WADKLUB in Marseille @ La dame Noir, from 10.00 pm to 1.30 am.
DeeNice (WADKLUB) & Phred (La dame Noir) will be playing from hip-hop to disco.

Hot Toddy – Won’t Let Go

Catz & Dogz – 5-10-15

The Motor City Drum Ensemble – Stripped Down To The Bone

The Second Part of the Night (2am-6am) will be the launch of the 1st “Putsch” party.
NON è Possibilé will be hijacking venues where our disco crowd is not usually going, opening will be at Marseille’s historical bar : Le Bar De La Marine.
Paul & Did (Virgo Musci), Relatif Yann & Phred (NEP/LdN) & probably the Numinots will be playing there…


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