We Are

“La dame Noir” is a disco bar, a japanese canteen a night club and a record label. We are worshiping the moon and we are mainly concerned by retro-futuristic obsessional music. We are dancing on voodoo disco, broadcasting, booking & supporting all the artists making those electronic spells.

Throughout this blog we are sharing the music that we spin, this is our night&day playlist. We are not interested in sharing the lastest freshest brand new tune, all songs have been tested and approved. Consequently if you like the way it sounds we would recommend you not to check only the lateste freshest post. We like to believe that the very first tune posted is as good as the latest one. Music will be changing and evolving throug the blog and it’s all because of the influence of the moon, of the seasons and of our mood.
It is not a fuckin’ “cahier de tendances”.

We are french and japanese people but we are not concerned in communicating with only japanese and frenchies. That is why this blog will be written in english. Please, excuse us for all the language mistakes that will be done. Sometimes we might get lazy and not post on a regular basis, it will just mean that we are geting too busy looking good with some ladies.

Thank you /  ありがとうございます / Merci.


WE PLAY & Support :

Emperor Machine, Munk, Junesex, , Farah, Hercules & Love Affair, Lindstrom, Solale, Prins Thomas, The Chromatics, Glass Candy , Tomboy, Pilooski, Discodeine, Chicken Lips, 40 Thieves, Mock & Toof, Supermayer,   Chicken Lips, LCD Soundsystem, Runaway,  Mark E, Mathew Dear, Metro Area, Morgan Geist, Brennan Green, Maurice Fulton,    Pollyester, Todd Terje, Force Of Nature, Phonique, Pete Herbert, Woolfy, Cage & Aviary, Chateau Flight, I:Cube, Joakim, Poni Hoax, Prosumer & Murat Tepeli, Tricksi, Jay Shepheard, Loco Dice, The Kills, Riton, Think Twice, Greg Wilson, Will Saul & Tam Cooper, The Juan Maclean, Chromeo, Riton, Damian Lazarus, Henrik Schwarz, Solomun, John Tejada, Carl Craig,  Siriusmo, Zwicker, Phreek Plus One, Mathias Tanzmann, Ivan Smagghe, Krikor, Jef K, Tim Paris, Gwen Maze, Cyril K, Lanoiraude, Boozig, Sebastien Bromberger, Danton eeprom, The Ed, Miss Van Der Rohe, L’Amateur, Paul, Did & us .

Feedelity, Italians Do It Better, Gomma, DFA, DC Recordings, Permanent Vacation, Compost, Rvng Music, Full Pupp, Tiny Sticks, Eskimo, Get Physical, Cross Town Rebels, D*i*r*t*y* soundsystem, Astrolab, Versatile, In Fine, I’m A Cliché, Dialect, Crack & Speed, Kill The Dj, Bancal Bancal, Foundation, Virgo Music,  Modelisme, My Life Is A Week End, Kill Your Idols, In The Garage, Bienvenue Au Club, Tcheaz, Computer Juice, Losing Control, 3pi & NON è Possibilé.


Djs/Contributors are :


(3pi / La Dame Noir / AUX – Hiroshima / JP)


Susumo is spinning what we feel as dark disco, dirty house, spicy drum & bass and smokey reggae. He’s doing wear/vinyl/books/shoes/DVD selection for Hiroshima based  AUX shop. As an original member of 3pi, he’s been promoting party in Hiroshima for the last ten years and especially Hiroshima’s “Summer of Love”, the event happening the night of the A-Bomb commemoration.

PHRED (NON è Possibilé / 3pi / La Dame Noir – Marseille / Fr)


Phred is spinning Lunar disco & dirty house. NON è Possibilé co-foundator alongside Relatif Yann. NON è Possibilé has been promoting music & electronic music since 2004 in Marseille . He joined 3pi family in 2005 as an european representative member.


13 responses to “We Are

  1. Hey mate, t’as du oublier Tcheaz dans ta liste :)

  2. Yop, pkoi pas vous mettre sur HP les mecs ?

  3. Hello there, I am the booking agent for Junior Boys. I am looking for DJ shows in Nov and Dec this year and wonder if you would be interested?

    Hope to hear from you, thanks! // Kalle

  4. Très bon site suggéré par la revue Loose.
    Pourquoi uniquement en anglais ?
    Il me semble que votre adresse postale n’apparait pas. Dommage

  5. Superbe & excellent.

    The fact that you have some music tracks is AWESOME – it adds this extra thing to the post.

    Bien joué.

    A la prochaine.

  6. Ah Ah Ah j’adore…

  7. Bonjour,
    Je me permets de vous contacter car j’aimerai savoir s’il était possible de privatiser votre bar (et à quel prix) pour une opération de promotion à destination des bloggeurs et tweetos marseillais les plus influents le mercredi 11 avril à partir de 21h. Je fais partie d’une équipe qui organise un projet culturel et artistique “Le Voyage à Nantes” cet été, du 15 juin au 19 août, à Nantes et nous mettons en place une tournée nationale au printemps. Nous serons à Marseille du 11 au 15 avril et à cette occasion, nous comptons mener cette opération avec vous le mercredi soir.
    Je reste à votre disposition pour tout complément d’information.
    Bien cordialement.

    Lucie Poirier (02 72 64 14 67).

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