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Disco Outcasts x La dame Noir @ Chez Moune

La dame Noir Feat The Disco Outcasts from Manchester.
Donwload their dj Mix and come party with us in Pigalle…
Midnight baby.


Numinots Blog 2nd Anniversary @ LdN

The Numinots will be celebrating their 2nd Blog Anniversary on Friday 10th December @ La dame noir (22h-1H30) & Le Passe Temps 2am-6am.

You can Download their Nudisco Mix HERE and check their blog THERE.


Beatdown by Sebastien Bromberger.

Picture By Joie Iacono

Sebastien Bromberger Will Play Saturday 24 Oct @ La dame Noir.



In The Heat Of.

Picture & Model Joie Iacono

Sebastien Bromberger (Modelisme) is slowing down the pace and will play @ la dame Noir this saturday 21st august.

download his down tempo dj mix here.


Tokyo Nights.

Picture by Phred @ Sangen Jaya/Tokyo

John Bobby Beullens is Kinfolk owner, a fixed wheels bikes/saké shop located in t okyo. He is working with Ash from Samurai FM on Loud Minority Radio, he likes disco music and he got ways.
Busy Boy, Cheeky Music..



Summer Fest.

Picture & modelling by Joie Iacono.

Marseille is waking up a few days before summer final coming, as the 1st part of our summer regular beach parties are starting this week.
Friday 18th is Radio Grenouille opening party @ Petit Pavillon and our own La dame Noir/NON è Possibilé saturday party will be launched on 19th. All those parties will be on a regular basis all summer long.

+Friday 18th Luke Hess (planet e – modelisme) & Seb Bromberger will be playing @ La dame Noir.
+Monday 21st La dame Noir will be celebrating music fest with a special once a year outdoor soundsystem set up on our bar Terrasse, featuring Paul, DID, Relatif Yann & Phred.

Download Sebastien Bromberger Summer mix here.

Ex-Voto By L’Amateur-

L’Amateur will be playing @ La dame Noir, ce soir…
Live on 23.30 – 01H45 (GMT +2)


Louis Chedid – Hold Up (Losoul Re-Edit)

Nils Ohrmann Feat. Kara’s Day – Le Funk Fatale (Daniel Steinberg Remix)

Nico – Moonshine Night

Ogris Debris – Miezekat

Robert Palmer – I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On

Japan – Life In Tokyo – Part 1 (Special Remix)

Black Sabbath – Caravan (Edit By Dj Steef)

DRT – Rising Sun (Boogaloo Crew Remix)

King Of Convenience – It’s My Party

Picture & Music By L’Amateur

COSMO VITELLI @ LdN & HUSH HUSH – maison close –

Picture By Joie Iacono

Cosmo Vitelli Will play tonight Sat 1st May @ La dame Noir (23h45-1h45), then in HUSH HUSH – maison close – from 02h30 to 4h30. Guest List available

Click here to download one of his most recent mix.


Rove Dogs / Dj Mix

Picture by Joie Iacono

Rove Dogs is coming back to La dame Noir on Friday 30th April.
After this party, he will play in HUSH HUSH – maison close –

Click Here to download his Radio Grenouille Disco Mix !


Bring Me There.

Picture By Phred (bring me there too) /// Shot In Hiroshima

“Bring Me There” is a final  desperate attempt from Thomas DiMatteo (MISSIVE) to come to play in La dame Noir [bar].
As we do like his disco mix, we will get him there. Soon.

Feel Free To Download it, click it!