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Daniel Bortz x Ldn @ Die Nacht / H&G

ça, c’est H&G By Die Nacht.
Picture Sous La Jupe 

Saturday 7th April, Daniel Bortz Will Play with LdN Djs (Valentin & Phred) & Cé Line (Sundae) @ Hansel&Gretel / Die Nacht.


Daniel Bortz – Don’t Be Fooled

Kolombo Feat Vince L – Shape You (Daniel Bortz Rmx)

Sebbo – Anyway (Daniel Bortz Rmx)

Check Out & Download The DJ Mixes :

Daniel Bortz   /   Phred   /   Valentin

Michael Mayer.

Graphic Design By Mothi Limbu

Michael Mayer Will be performing at La dame Noir  [bar & dancing], ce soir.

Michael Mayer – Slow

Whomadewho – Every Minute Alone (Mayer rmx)

Michael Mayer – Pride Is Weaker Than Love

V-Rock #4

Picture By Guillaume Chamahian

Marie Madeleine – No Love (La Muerte feat. Pauline Ohanna CDover)

David Lynch – Pinky’s Dream

Matthew Dear feat Jonny Pierce – In The Middle I Met You There

The Black Keys – Tighten Up

Selected By Phred


Picture By Guillaume Chamahian.

Monoblok & PSLKTR (Meant) new Ep HERE, Playlist Below.

Monoblok & PSLKTR – Damage Done

Remain & Mlle Caro – Heat

Kasper Bjorke – Man From Venice

Philipp Gorbachev – Postovoi

Ahmet Sisman – Raw As Nature

Selected By PSLKTR.

BAC Radio Show Report

Picture By Anouk Deville (Anouk Exhibition @ LdN Bar Is Currently On)

Anticlimax and Banana Wintour are Having a radio show “Bienvenue Au Club” on Radio Grenouille every weds 8pm to 9pm (french time). Here is a few track from tonight playlist, thanks for l’invitation messieurs.

Crazy P – Wecanonlybewhoweare (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)

DJ T. – Leaving Me feat. Khan (Clockwork Remix)

Waifs & Strays – Body Shiver (Hot Natured Remix)

Selected By Anticlimax.

What We Do.

Soundtrack : Date With Elvis – Let Me Go – (La dame Noir Rds)
Video – John Carriere
Graphic Designer : Mothi Limbu
Make Up : Ripley & LdN Girls
Guest Djs : Rebolledo (Kompakt) & Siskid (Meant)
Venues : La dame Noir [bar] & La dame Noir [dancing]
Producers : Kulte

Back From The D.

Picture By Mothi / Model By Fel (Superflux Chairgirl/LdN Barmaid)/ Make Up By LdN Girls

Canyons – See Blind Through (Mic Newman Remix)

Daniel Maloso – No Doy Nada

Rebolledo – Canivalon

Troy Pierce – Slap In The Space

Next LdN Party, This Thursday @ Chez Moune
Music Selected By Phred.

Mechant Mechant – Paris Pigalle

Picture By Mothi / Model CamCam (LdN Barmaid) / Make Up By LdN Girls.

Monday 31st Oct In Paris Pigalle MECHANT MECHANT will take place in Le Mansart bar & L’indifferent  Club, Infos are RIGHT HERE.

Last Minute.

Picture By Mothi / Model : Genie (LdN  [dancing] Barmaid) / Make Up By LdN Girls

Date Wit Elvis (Showcase/La dame Noir Rds) will be performing live tonight @ Mechant Mechant #3 – Marseille.

Mechant Mechant Last Year report :